Monday, 22 December 2014

IPOH NEWS : Vivo American Pizza & Panini OFFICIALLY OPENED in AEON Ipoh Station 18!!!

After we got our first SUBWAY here, the other join in too, yes, its VIVO PIZZA.. It's finally opened in AEON IPOH STATION 18!! What a great news?? have u guys taste it?? let me know what is the different between the other pizza that we have here from this one. Heeeeeee

Thursday, 11 December 2014

IPOH NEWS : Are we need another outlet for SUBWAY??

Semalam aku melawat kawasan-kawasan sekitar IPOH, and one of it, adalah our FIRST ever SUBWAY in town. The saddest thing is, the restaurant still have a long queue. Rasanya, dah lama dah SUBWAY ni bukak, dan org IPOH sangat tidak jemu untuk beli dan beli. Yang pasti, IPOH is really need to have another outlet, and open it as fast as you can. You guys know the news rite, after this, another outlet will open at IPOH parade, but, the exact date we dont know yet. Stay tune, and stay healthy guys, i'll uodate the news later (if i have lahh).

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

IPOH NEWS : H&M are coming to IPOH soon!!!

They are finally coming here sooo soon!! 

Ass you guys can see, the above figure are shown that H&M are now hiring!! The location is a Ipoh, PERAK. Kalau tengok pada website jobstreet pulak, the exact location adalah di JALAN SULTAN IDRIS SHAH, thats mean, they are OPENING in IPOH PARADE. Tapi, lot kedai mana jer yg ader kat IPOH PARADE tuh?? H&M ni kalau nak bukak, mesti perlukan lot kedai yang besar-besar. Muat kot, takpe,, tunggu jelar diorg bukak kat mana, nanti serbu jer. AHAHAHHA.