Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Closer (OST To The Beautiful You)


There are so many things  I couldn't say
You have never heard them before but
I'm not someone who just loves anyone I see
Because among the many people in this world
I could only see you

(CHORUS) I am standing here as I only see you
After this love, I don't really know what will happen
Just like a child who is always this way
Will you warmly hold me right now??

Though someday your name might become strange 
My heart will remember all the memories
Even if painful separation comes between us
Let's not think about that today
Because among the many people in this world 
I could only see you

Repeat (CHORUS)

Now I'm not alone
Only you who has come to me from that place

Repeat (CHORUS)

Will you hold me??????

KOMEN AKU UNTUK LAGU NIH IAILAH, Lagunya tersangatlah best!! feel habis, sory la kepada sesape yg tak setuju, inilah jenis lagu yg aku suka..kadang2 rasa sedih je bile dengar....hehehehehe..DAEBAK!!


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