Saturday, 23 February 2013

IPOH NEWS : Lost World Mall, Sunway City Ipoh

The Lost World Mall & Convention Hall

- The Lost World Mall is designed to meet the lifestyle of the sophisticated, demanding and cosmopolitan city dwellers.
- The ancient architecture theme and elements, spacious interiors and attention to fine details setting The Lost World Mall apart as the iconic property in Ipoh.
- Tucked away from a bustle of Ipoh City, the mall and convention centre hall is designed with ancient theme  and continuity to the exiting theme of the Lost World Theme Park, hotel and vacation.
- The Mall stands unique and generated an iconic landmark in the vicinity of Ipoh City.
- There are 8 premium outlet stores concept ranging between 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft each.
- A well planning life style retails area on each level with a spacious life style kiosks area and promotion/roadshow events area on ground floor.
- The amusement zone and 10 screen halls of MEGA CINEMA are located at the entertainment zone on top floor of Mall.
- The Lost World Convention Hall with 1,000pax will be the biggest and the most luxurious convention hall in Ipoh City.

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(Apa yang aku imagine lepas tengok design dari web rasmi SUNWAY IPOH nih, herrm.... jhinjarooo daebak!! Ini kalilah IPOH perlu ditransform. Lama dah menanti shopping mall semewah/segah/seawesome sebegini. Menagharapkan tenants yang bakal ada nanti mewah-mewah jugaklah. Apa yang penting, kami belum mahu LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, JIMMY CHOO dan jenama2 lain yang mempunyai harga setanding 3 jenama yang aku sebut. At least, masukkan COACH, TOPMAN, CK Jeans, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange and even ZARA. Semua nih jenama yang orang IPOH mampu beli. Daebak!! Kami, orang IPOH sangat menanti LOST WORLD MALL nih!!)


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