Monday, 12 October 2015

IPOH NEWS : AEON MALL KINTA CITY will close down???

For today, ipoh people got shocks of the photo updated by All About Ipoh FB that many high brands are closed down at KINTA CITY. Keep calm guys, the tenants that move out will relocated to AEON MALL IPOH KLEBANG that soon will open on 21st oct. About the KINTA CITY, i do have some rumors said that the mall will no longer as AEON Mall, it will be a standalone MALL that will manage by other management and the space that become empty due to the relocated tenants will replace by the new international brands. Some other news, there also a rumors about the renovation will take place for KINTA CITY building. Please stay tune or read the below news (if updated) for more update about our favourite MALL in IPOH. One thing i can confirm that, the MALL will not closed down. 


According the info from OSC (refer to picture below), KINTA CITY will having a MAJOR EXPANSION. So, we will se the KINTA CITY will transform into the larger MALL than before.

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