Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ascocenda Orchid (PRINCESS BLUE)

Kat sini, ader sedikit penjelasan utk orkid jenis nih... GAMBAR DIBAWAH ADALAH GAMBAR YG DIAMBIL DI RUMAHKU SENDIRI... :)

The ASCOCENDA ORCHID is a fascinating orchid species that is represented by the most handsome large orchid plants and an equally wide variety of beautiful orchid flowers. This orchid is not very different from the VANDA ORCHID and the PHALAENOPSIS ORCHID in all these orchids are tropical orchids that thrive as warm-climate orchids. As an orchid grower, you will always want to bring out the best in your orchid plants , this means that you need to observe certain cultural specifics that are required for the successful cultivation of ASCOCENDA ORCHIDS. The natural home of the ASCOCENDA ORCHID species are places like Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Philippines. 

All ASCOCENDA ORCHIDS prefer full sun exposure and bright light with warm temperatures and highly humidity levels. These orchids are all epiphytic and sympodial in their growth habit. To this end they sport long trailing roots that are capable of drawing nutrients and the required moisture from the atmosphere.

The ASCOCENDA ORCHID is considered as difficult to cultivate by some orchid growers, however, their charm is well worth the supplying of their particular needs and the studying of their habits. 

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